Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Granny is not feelin so hot.....

I kinda feel like crap today. All day.

I want to go to sleep right now, but it's too early and so I am trying to waste time till 10 so I can go to bed and kick whatever this is that is making me feel like a**. The weekend caught up to me for sure.

Last night I realized how very much I love my bed. It's heaven. Really.

The cabin bed this weekend S.U.C.K.E.D and I didn't get much sleep at all. It made me appreciate my little piece of heaven even more.......and I didn't think I could appreciate it any more.

My parents are in Alaska right now. 10 days and I am completely jealous. What I would give to be able to go away and do nothing but take photos. I bet my dad and his big ole' camera are in bliss.

Okay, screw it. I'm going to bed.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

not yet quite there....

I got my internet back today.

I feel renewed.

Able to write down my thoughts again where it's quiet, where I can think.....in the dark. My favorite time of day. Noone at work inspires me. Not too many people these days that are around me inspire me. Golriz does. She's like me. Together yet alittle off. And we just get it.

Camera in purse ready to be taken out at a seconds notice to capture a moment, or reflection, or usually ourselves. Yeh, I'm slightly narcissistic when it comes to photos. Take me as I am.

Inspiration is sparked by creativity. A Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The unique cards at A Thousand Faces. My nieces and nephew and their bold honesty. It's inspiring.

I feel like I keep searching for something. I haven't found it yet. But I'm searching.

Or maybe slightly waiting for it all to fall into place.........we'll see.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Have you ever wanted to bottle up your feelings?

If I could feel as inspired and amazing as I did for the more than 2 1/2 hours that Pearl Jam played last night I would have no complaints the rest of my life.

He's a poet. A true artist in every sense of the word. And he/they blew my mind.

This year's Bonnaroo was the most fun I've have in the 4 I've attended so far. The weather was perfect for the first time and everyone was so happy. These are the times when I appreciate all the crap that is involved in my job. When I realize that we put these shows together that blow people's minds and make you feel the way I did last night.

One more weekend to get through in this crazy month of mine.....


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

needing the zzzzz's

It's amazing how our bodies react to lack of sleep.

I'm a girl that needs sleep. Always have been, always will. And when I don't get it my body gets all jacked up.

It's 7am and I'm at work for the 2nd day in a row. We are slammed. Busier than I've been in years. Most days I just feel like coming out of my skin when the paperwork keeps pouring in. But, I work with really great/cool people and have some killer perks so I'll try to just keep myself in check until I move on.

June is a crazy month for me. Lots of things, the whole month. I will be happy come July 1. July is my favorite month. 1. Because of my birthday (July 14). And 2. Because I'm going to the beach for a week during that birthday. I'm all about the R&R.

Anyway, I need to start this paperwork while the phones are off and the noise is non-existent.

The point of this blog is that if by chance I am moody with any of you through June 30 I apologize in advance. And in the meantime I'll try to come up with some sort of concoction to wake my butt up and give me some more energy.

Happy Hump Day......


Sunday, June 8, 2008

sunday sunday....

My plan for today was to lay out, work out, and then lay on the couch for the second day in a row and watch a movie.

Then I get a call.

G, Rachel and Ryan wanted to do a cheesy 80's photo shoot. I never pass up a photo shoot, so I ran home, showered and headed off to 80's central. What to wear, what to wear. There was a plethora of horribleness to choose from. I decided on an 80's bridesmaid. G decided on an 80's business woman. Then I went to the bathroom to work on the hair. Hairspray. Curling iron. Hairspray. Hairspray. Lots of teasing......and bam. The ugliest 80's hairstyle in the world.

Blue eye shadow.

Red lipstick (both of which make me look the ugliest I've ever seen myself).

The results:

More ugliness to come.....