Monday, December 28, 2009

hey sydney, tell us a little about yourself.......

i'm going to need a vacation after this week. :)
and they're here.

i'm not used to having kids around 24/7. it's exhausting.

sydney is loco.


Saturday, December 19, 2009


today started the first day of 16 days off! i can't even explain how good it feels to have nothing to do for a week till my sista and her fam come. i began the process of becoming a californian today. can't believe i have to take the damn driver's test again. it's okay though. i feel good. 2009 was a year of working hard towards something and a big change and 2010 is when everything is going to come together. my new desk is so great. diamonds, camcorders, cash and big time vegas hookups.

damn it feels good to be'ah gangsta...... ;)

heading back to sin city in a few weeks hopefully.

for now. exhausted at 5:30 and need to get movtivated for wine and catch up with a friend before she heads toward the snow.

not me son. sunshiiiiiiiiiiine.


Friday, December 11, 2009

been busy

haven't had much time to write. work makes me tired. just wait till i get a second job again after xmas break. i'll be rollin in the dough, but tired all the time. but rollin in the dough.

a fun weekend. such a good escape. hopefully i'll be going back again next weekend.

i got a diamond necklace and ring this week. helps cure the stress a little. :)


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

there is a sting that comes along with seeing someone you used to be with, with someone else.

there is less of a sting that comes along when it's the person that was before you.

i've been seeing other people for months now and still can't stop thinking about that one.

i think they'll get married. he once said they were the same person. and i don't think he thinks he deserves better. one day i'll stop talking about him. and i'm looking forward to that day. hahaha. he certainly did a number.

sometimes i wish my dad would have treated my mom the way he treated me. but instead i watched the opposite which in return has royally effed me up because i love the tortured souls. or should i say just plain screwed up ones.

is there a hypnotist in the house???