Saturday, June 20, 2009

i started clearing out my closet tonight. going through boxes i haven't touched in probably 7 years. there were bags full of things i threw away. then i organized photos/albums. i'm not a pack rat like some people. i figure if you don't ever look at things or use them there is no point in keeping them. well most things that is. there are still some sentimentals that i can't let go of......

nashville is officially a swamp. a thick muggy oven. hate it. i'm thankful this is my last summer here.

amy made it to la today. so strange how that just fell onto my path. it will be so nice to have one of my nashville friends out there with me.

i believe in signs. i believe in timing. and i believe that when something is meant to happen you just know. and then everything just starts to fall into place. i can feel it all working around me right now.

my mind has a million things going through it right now.

and it's so so good.

Friday, June 19, 2009

yesterday was a really good day.

we had our third event at the vanderbilt children's hospital. it went so well. it completely melts your heart and puts you in check on what is really important in life when you see these kids that are waiting on heart transplants, or have brain tumors or cancer. we have it pretty good!

i noticed that the pillar next to my parking space at work had a little extra pizazz.


eddie vedder acoustic at the ryman was last night. holy shit. if i don't see another show the rest of this year i'm totally cool. amazing. he's one tortured brilliant soul.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

roo roooooo

so i camped out. and thought i'd go all out.

it rocked.


- my best friend and her sister coming down from virginia bch/baltimore.
- silent disco
- NIN's last us show
- rodrigo y gabriella
- silent disco
- having tons of adrenaline all weekend to be up till 4am only to crash HARD sunday night.
- not a care in the world in the bonnaroo bubble.
- dancing effed up alien man/thing at the silent disco at 2am (this was the best thing EVER)
- AND.........public enemy

Sunday, June 7, 2009

last night was ridiculous.

i got some great video footage. i was inspired for 115 minutes and then slept hard. off to work in 30. ohhhhhh, my easy and fun weekend job. i really do like you, although you make me exhausted beyond belief.

my move is getting closer and closer. just trying to breathe and not stress.

so much going on right now. can't wait to be back and sit in the sunshine.