Wednesday, April 8, 2009

things i love right now:

my stomach finally feeling better today
the thousands of mating birds outside of our building (weird)
breaking up the monotony but staying on track
the kids growing

i miss mi familia. gotta find a way to sneak away from town and get up to pittsburgh.

actually, gotta find a way to just get out of town more. period.

i've decided to jump out of a plane on my birthday. the planning has begun.

Monday, April 6, 2009

amy and i think we solved all the worlds' problems in a little under an hour and a half on the phone tonight.

if only everyone "got it" like we do. ;)

i'm a lost solider right now. fighting for something that i'm not even sure is the right choice. fighting with conviction.

against what no one else in my family thinks is the right thing for me. shocker. and they are usually right. that's the funny part. but i follow my heart. even though it's usually wrong. it hasn't been the most helpful gps in life, but it guides me to many odd and random adventures.

i have a hard shell again. and i'm not sure i'm going to let anyone in again for a while. why are relationships such a thing of the past and people are so effed up now a days? tough times for a hopeless romantic that loves to love.

i've decided to givie my love out in other ways these days. as if i'm not busy enough working 2 jobs i am now the co-chair for lollipop theater's "rhythm of hope" organization. once a month we will be going into the vanderbilt children's hospital with musicians and teaching the kids about rhythm, pitch, etc and creating songs. i'm really excited about it. they are based in la, but we are bringing it to nashville. i love making people happy, and if it helps them escape for an hour of their day of laying in a hospital bed i'll do whatever to put a smile on their face.

our first event is next thurs.

send good vibes.


an-he-la + jewstun = fun night.